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Língua ucraniana / PG 18

Dados sobre a língua ucraniana:
Alfabeto: а б в г ґ д е є ж з и і ї й к л м н о п р с т у ф x ц ч ш щ ю я ь
Onde é falada: na Ucrânia e na diáspora
Classificação: língua Indo-Europeia, Eslava Oriental

Dicionário ucraniano do diabo, entradas

гівно ~ hivno (noun) ‡ shit, crap note eg 'kupa hivna' (pile of shit) The accent is on the last syllable

дєрмо ~ d'ermo (noun) ‡ shit note This always refers to the smelly product of defecation. 'd'ermo' is probably the worst grade of shit, along with 'srach'. 'hivno' is a little less strong. 'kaka' is milder yet, suitable even for small children.
дупа ~ dupa (noun) † butt, rear-end; anus note (dialectal) See "zhopa", "sraka"

жлоб ~ žlob (noun) bumpkin, hick, boor
жопа ~ zhopa (noun) † butt, ass, asshole
жопка ~ zhopka (noun) little butt note Affectionate diminutive of 'zhopa'. 'Tvoja zhopka meni podobajet'c'a' (I like your cute little butt)

засраний ~ zasranyj (adjective) † shitty, shit on, covered with shit

їбати ~ jibaty (verb) ‡ to fuck note Sometimes pronounced 'jobaty'. The pronounciation is not standardized since this word doesn't appear in dictionaries

йoб твою мать ~ job tvoju mat' (imperative phrase) fuck your mother, motherfuck note The 't' followed by an apostrophe is pronounced soft, like the 't' in English 'feature' or the first 't' in 'astute'.

кака ~ kaka (noun) † crap, doodoo note The firt syllable is accented
какати ~ kakaty (verb) † to take a dump, defecate note The first syllable is accented
кацап ~ kacap (noun) ‡ Russian note Derived from 'cap' (billy goat). A stereotypical 'kacap' has a goatee beard, but the term is used derogatively for any Russian. Accent is on 'cap'

на хуй ~ na khuj (phrase) ‡ on a cock, fucked note Typical usage is 'idy na khuj!' (get fucked!), literally (go on a cock). 'na khuj' is a two syllable phrase with the accent on 'na'. For example 'na khuj ja pracuju?' (why the fuck am I working?)

обiсцяний ~ obisc'anyj (adj.) † soaked in piss note Derived from "ob" (surrounded by) + "sc'aty" (to piss)
обiсpaний ~ obisr'anyj (adj.) † covered with shit, note Derived from "ob" (surrounded by) + "sr'aty" (to deficate)
обкаканий ~ obkákanyj (adj.) † covered with shit, crappy note Accent is on the first 'ka'

пізда / пизда ~ pizda / pyzda (noun) ‡ cunt, pussy, vagina note Accent is on 'da'
пісся ~ pissia (noun) † piss, urine note Accent is on 'pi'
подонок ~ podonok (noun) † jerk note Accent is on 'do'

сісі ~ sisi (plural noun) † tits note Accent is almost equal on both syllables, possible a little stronger on the first 'si'
сосати ~ sosaty (verb) † to suck (pussy or cock) note eg 'sosy mene' (suck my dick)
срака ~ sraka (noun) ‡ asshole note See 'dupa' and 'zhopa'.
сракати ~ srakaty (verb) † to shit note Accent is on the first syllable
срати ~ sraty (v.i., I) † to shit note conj: (seru, seresh, ...)
сука ~ suka (n.) † bitch note (lit.) a female dog. Can be used as an epithet as in English

трахати ~ trakhkaty (verb) † to bang, to fuck note From 'trakh!' (bang!)
тфу ~ tfu (interjection) ptui (the sound of spitting) note Repeated three times in a row while looking over the left shoulder as an incantation to ward off the Devil, 'tfu tfu tfu'. Usage similar to English (knock on wood), as in 'ja skinchu bez pomilok, tfu tfu tfu' (I won't make any mistakes, knock on wood)

узни мене ~ uzny mene (phrase) ‡ kiss my asshole, note Regional hutsul expression. Hutsuls are Carpathian Ukrainians

холера ~ kholera (noun used as interjection) † cholera, a usually-fatal disease note Used superstitiously to mean bad luck or damnation.
хуй ~ khuj (noun) ‡ cock, dick, penis

цицьки ~ tsytsky (plural noun) † tits, note Accent is almost equal on both syllables, possible a little stronger on the first 'si'

член ~ člen (noun) member, penis
чорт ~ chort (noun) the Devil, the Evil One, note Used alone as an interjection like 'hell' or 'damn' in English. Often combined with 'bery' (take) to mean the Devil take it, you, etc.., as in 'chort tebe bery' (the Devil take you!), or with 'znaje' (knows) as in 'chort znaje' (only the Devil knows). Also combined with 'do' (to) as in 'do chorta' (to the Devil), equivalent to (Damn you!). Derived from 'chornyj' (black)

шлюха ~ shl'ukha (noun) † slut, woman easy to fuck, prostitute note Accent is on the first syllable/шлях трафуть ~ shl'akh trafyt' (phrase) ‡ may Fate strike it, God damn it note This is something you wish on your worst enemy. It is said only in great anger. The last 't' is pronounced soft, like the 't' in (feature) or (astute)
штуркати ~ šturkaty (verb) † to poke, to fuck note This is a euphemism for fucking. It literally means to poke

Fonte: http://www.notam02.no/~hcholm/altlang/ht/Ukrainian.html

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